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Reviled by the critics! Adored by fair-dinkum Aussies!

"A ghastly, vulgar film" - George Hannan, Liberal Senator for Victoria 1970-74.

In this fan-bloody-tastic classic, Australia's favourite wild colonial boy, Barry McKenzie, journeys to the old country accompanied by his Aunt Edna Everage to take a Captain Cook and further his cultural and intellectual education.

Faster than a rat up a drainpipe, Bazza heads for Earls Court to catch up with a bonzer bunch of ex-pat bastards - and from there rampages through London, cracking tubes, parking the tiger, pointing percy, flashing the nasty and handing out knuckle-sandwiches to the unsuspecting Poms - who wouldn't even know a tram was up 'em 'till the bell rang!

Saturday session includes a post-screening Q&A with director Bruce Beresford.






Barry Crocker, Barry Humphries, Peter Cook, Paul Bertram, Spike Milligan, Dennis Price


Bruce Beresford

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