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Friday night...too tired. Saturday night...too drunk. Sunday...too far away.

Jack Thompson is Foley, the best shearer on every station for miles around. Sunday Too Far Away is Foley's story of sweat-soaked days and rum-soaked nights, of bloody two-fisted punch ups...of scab labour brought in during the shearers strike of '56 and of the poor old bastard who runs the place: the cocky (farmer) who is terrified that one slip of the shears will render his prize ram good for nothing but mint sauce.

Sunday Too Far Away is a staple work of the Australian New Wave, and a triumph of social realism in its portrayal of the life of a shearer. It deservedly won acclaim on release, winning Best Film, Best Actor in a Leading Role and Best Actor in a Supporting Role at the 1975 AFI awards. But perhaps its greatest highlight is the towering central performance from legendary Australian actor Jack Thompson (The Man From Snowy RiverWake in Fright).






Jack Thompson, Max Cullen, Reg Lye, Robert Bruning


Ken Hannam

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