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Before love, comes trust. Before trust, comes...proof.

Jocelyn Moorhouse's debut feature Proof is an emotionally powerful, darkly unpredictable feature that heralded the arrival of two of our nation's greatest stars. The film deservedly received a wave of acclaim on its premiere at Cannes for its incredible script and layered central performances.

Martin (Hugo Weaving), a visually impaired man, lives an emotionally isolated life. Holding a deep-seated mistrust for the people around him, he takes photographs of his surroundings as a safeguard against being deceived. An object of obsessive but unrequited desire for his housekeeper (Genevieve Picot), Martin embarks on a cautious friendship with a young restaurant worker (Russell Crowe). In doing so, he sets in motion a love triangle in which trust can be built and shattered.

Saturday session introduced by director Jocelyn Moorhouse.






Hugo Weaving, Russell Crowe, Geneviève Picot, Heather Mitchell, Jeffrey Walker, Daniel Pollock, Frankie J. Holden


Jocelyn Moorhouse

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