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They lived, died, laughed and loved behind a newsreel camera.

A true classic of our national cinema, Newsfront is a serious contender for Australia's best film. Incorporating real newsreel footage, and spanning a tumultous period of Australian history (from the rabbit plague to the rise of Robert Menzies), the film is fascinating purely as historical document. But it's ultimately the very human story of an ageing cameraman grappling with his increasing irrelevance that proves Newsfront's most indelible feature.

In Australia in the late 1940s, before the coming of television, Len Maguire (Bill Hunter) and his young sidekick Chris (Chris Haywood) cover the big news stories for the Cinetone newsreel company. An old-school cameraman, Len is loyal to the company, the Australian Labor party and the Catholic church, but times are changing. He struggles to maintain his principles in turbulent times.






Bill Hunter, Wendy Hughes, Gerard Kennedy, Chris Haywood, John Ewart, Don Crosby, Bryan Brown, Angela Punch McGregor, John Clayton


Phillip Noyce

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