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"Among the most beautiful and painful of Australian movies" – David Stratton

Australian auteur Paul Cox delivers one of his most personal and emotional films in this scaldingly intimate portrait of a marriage collapsing, made shortly after the director experienced a painful break-up. The result is a self-lacerating critique of artistic self-indulgence that doubles as a moving and inventively beautiful work of cinema.

John’s happy life as a composer and family man collapses when his wife Helen says she’s leaving him. She’s having an affair with one of his friends, but that’s just a symptom of the long-ignored problems in their marriage. John (John Hargreaves) becomes morose, unpredictable, and potentially violent after Helen (Wendy Hughes) moves out with their daughter Lucy (Lucy Angwin). 






John Hargreaves, Wendy Hughes, Charles Tingwell, David Cameron, Anna Maria Monticelli


Paul Cox

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