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Release Date: 08 Aug 2024

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To become top dog yo've go to unleash a little spirit

A follow up to the Australian animated feature film 100% Wolf, in which our hero Freddy Lupin had to grapple with the shock revelation that he is destined not to be a mighty werewolf like all of his family, but a tiny pink poodle. In 200% Wolf, Freddy Lupin thinks he has everything it takes to lead his werewolf pack but earning the respect of his packmates proves to be a challenge. IF only he were more….Wolfish. But when a wayward wish transforms him into a werewolf and deposits a mischievous moon spirit on earth, Freddy must restore the cosmic order before it’s too late. With Batty and his dog pals along for the ride, Freddy must seek out a dangerous sorceress with a grudge against the wolf pack, before his new moon spirit friend runs out of life energy and fades away.






Jennifer Saunders, Samara Weaving, Alexs Stadermann, Akmal Saleh, Peter McAllum, Ilai Swindells


Alexs Stadermann

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