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"An exquisitely crafted documentary about the woman who was arguably the greatest movie critic who ever lived.” - Variety

Pauline Kael is among the most famous and divisive film critics of all time, and a key figure in the world of 20th century cinema. Her praise helped uplift the careers of Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese and others, while her put downs left lasting wounds that reverberated around the world. Kael was a pioneering woman full of intellectual verve in a male chauvinistic environment. Her words could launch a career and mobilise audiences.

This nuanced portrait captures her complexity while revisiting late-twentieth-century cinema through her lens, using a myriad of film clips, never-before-seen archival footage, wide-ranging interviews and her writings voiced by Sarah Jessica Parker.

Language: English






Quentin Tarantino, David O. Russell, Paul Schrader, Molly Haskell, Francis Ford Coppola, Alec Baldwin


?Rob Garver

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