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Winners Announced. 

We were absolutely blown away by the quality of short films entered into the competition, as well as by the sheer number of entries!

Thank you greatly to everyone who put in the hard work and produced such fantastic content for us to watch. There were over 350 entries, and you can watch them all at our Vimeo page.

View the 18 and Over entries here, and the Under 18 entries here.

Check out our Facebook page for the announcement video. 

The Isolation Film Festival has been nomiunated for an award by Time In magazine, so now you can vote for us! See details and vote for us here

Over 18 Competition Winner - The Close Call

By Nick Harriott, Nick Spellicy, Ryan Stubbs

A man's entire life is put in jeopardy when he accidentally joins a conference call with the sinister New World Order.


Under 18 Competition Winner - Isolation Shorts

By Lexi Rough

A girl in lock down with her family finds a pair of jeans that are just a little too long. Surely someone has the time to alter them for her?


Runners Up

Over 18 Second Place Prize - Isolation by Rod Lara 

A lonely fellow trying to celebrate his birthday during Covid019 lockdown.​

Over 18 Third Place Prize - Hot Tea by Josh Bird

Jim just wants to make a cup of tea, but so does a small stranger. This small stranger has stolen the last tea bag! Jim makes sure to get it back, and maybe makes a new friend along the way.​

Under 18 Second Place Prize - Felix's Day Off by Caspa Wallis-Carnie

Under the suppression of schooling, which has also infiltrated the homes of lonely kids during isolation, Felix fakes being sick to get a day off in isolation. He philosophies why we need to go to school, quoting Ferris Bueller "Life Moves Pretty Fast. If You Don’t Stop And Look Around Once In A While, You Could Miss It".

Under 18 Third Place Prize - Bug by Grace Taranto

Trapped in isolation, wanting to enter a realm far away from it all - 'BUG' is about a young, intelligent mind who studies insects and their structures, in the hope of learning how to fly away from all this madness occurring in the human world.

Over 18 Special Mentions

A Calling by Lewis Robert

That's Life by Margaret Fitzgerald

Marysia's Majatek by Jane and Gil Korman

A Home Life by Ross Perkins

Liberate Melbourne by Eli Mak

Under 18 Special Mention

Stick-Man by Aditya

Winner of the Staff Prize

An Isolated Situation by Zac Fleiszig and Gid Goldberg