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Potentially the first ever band film made by a band... Potentially not but it’s still quite good. Winterbourne’s ‘Revolutionary, Film’ is based around the Sydney band’s biggest live performance to date, woven together by a thread of story as they trace their many steps from busking in Pitt St Mall to the stage of the Metro Theatre. At the close of the film the duo will make an in-person appearance to chat with the audience and perform new and unheard songs.  

Doors open at 7pm. Event begins at 7:30pm.

Winterbourne's 'Revolutionary, Film'
This is not a Rockumentary. You can’t sell 1000 tickets to a show and then make a Rockumentary. No one cares. But what if you and your best friend had spent 5 years playing in the middle of the mall a few blocks down from the venue? What if you had spent 10 years chasing down the version of yourself you felt you could become, but never did, until now? What if for 90 minutes you DIDN’T feel like no one was listening ... like for the first time in your life the experience matched the potential and you had actually achieved something that matched the goal you set for yourself in high school?

You still shouldn’t make a Rockumentary, and you might consider changing your goal.

In this 90 minute Live Show-Rockumentary-Fourth-Wall-Breaking-Future Hunt, Winterbourne’s dynamic live show is interwoven with moments between fictional ‘present’ Jordan and the camera, as he and James walk themselves through their own story in an attempt to make sense of it. 

CONCESSION:  (UNDER 18) = $41.50

ADULTS: = $51.50

GROUP OF 4 ADULTS: = $186 

For groups of 10 or more please contact our group bookings manager - events@ritzcinemas.com.au. 


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